Courageous Prices

With the C of Carrefour, of Commitment and Courage, "Courageous Prices” faces up to today’s harsh economic reality of our country. It is simple, something we all need these days: 1300 Carrefour products with fixed prices for 6 months.

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In the daily battle of nutrition, Could the Nilo’s queen of the pasta and her spaghetti army defeat the well seasoned César and his chicken&lettuce legion? We´ll see. The only thing we are sure about is that everything will be in hands of the determined walker Lucchetti Moises.

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Quilmes does not follow the trends, because fashion is for a few people and this beer, born in 1890, is for everyone. This is how classics work. Like the very Guillermo Francella who, like this beer, is proud of who he is. Small detail, well big detail. For those who are asking who Francella is,[...]

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